Requalification of Monte de São Félix and Surroundings​

Nº 90, 2º ANDAR, SALA 4,
4470-145 MAIA

Requalification of Monte de São Félix and Surroundings​

| Póvoa de Varzim |

Owner of construction > Póvoa de Varzim City Council

Intervention area > approx. 120,000 m2

Project in Preliminary Study phase

Monte de São Félix is visited daily both for its religious aspect and for the excellent viewpoint that allows you to see the landscape at 360º. Here we can also find outstanding cultural and heritage elements, as well as important events that invite thousands of visitors to this place, from “Laúndos em Movimento” and “Ar de Rock”, to events of a religious nature.
The proposed requalification of Monte de São Félix thus appears complex not only from the point of view of its geomorphology but also the cultural and functional diversity that they intend to continue to guarantee with conditions of urbanity, safety, accessibility and landscape integration. In this way, the proposal we present aims to standardize the image of the place, organize the spaces as pedestrians and roads, the living and circulation areas, mitigate the impact of the different existing infrastructures as well as value and enhance the built heritage and the wide visual angles for the surrounding landscape, especially the privileged view over the city and the sea.