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Team Coordinator


Coordinator of Department APLOAD – Landscape Architecture

was born in Bragança, Portugal, in 1975. She is co-founder and manager of APLOAD since its foundation in 2010.

In 2001 she graduated in Landscape Architecture at University of Évora. She is experienced in a broad range of subjects under Landscape Architecture, Land Planning and Management.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of APLOAD and responsible for the strategic planning and expansion of the company.

As a Landscape Architect she coordinates the Department of Landscape Architecture and its accordant activities, namely, Project Development, conceptual and creative components, strategic components and sustainability. She works within all domains of Project development, analyses, conception, project detailing, technical execution, coordination and site supervision including all of the most common working areas.

Luísa Almendra Roque started her graduation in the curricular year of 1994/95. In 1999 she was awarded a scholarship to develop her placement training at the Local Agency of the Ministry of Urban and Regional Planning. Her graduation dissertation was developed at the Department of Projects of University of Évora, as part of the research team under “Pionner research methodology for the Landscape Units of Mainland Portugal”. Her interest for the problem of Landscape degradation lead her to a very interesting cooperation with CEVALOR – Borba, Portugal, where she studied the techniques for supporting and stabilizing heaps and for re-qualifying stone quarries.

In 2001, she initiated as a freelancer Landscape Architect. One year later she started a career at the Regional Public Administration in the Municipality of Mértola, Portugal. Always linking the private and the public sectors, she gathered a significant experience concerning the connection between the private needs and the Public demands and legal requirements for Urban and Regional Planning, namely licensing, execution, supervision and all components within a given intervention.

In 2010 she created APLOAD, Lda. and decided, two years later, to work exclusively for the her own company by Coordinating the Landscape Architecture department.

She is a Certified Trainer by the Portuguese Certification agency and permanently updates her skills by engaging into lifelong learning courses and activities.