[July, 2018]

APLOAD - Evaluation and Social Planning participates in the transnational meeting of the Project Free to Choose, taking place at 9th and 10th July, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. APLOAD will share the findings concerning the social research about gender stereotypes it is developing in Portugal, under the coordination of University of Valencia (Spain), and will also present the plan for testing the game "Free to Choose", a piloting activity lead by APLOAD to develop between September/18 and April/19 in three countries of the partnership: Portugal, Italy and Slovenia.


[January 2018]

APLOAD integrates the partnership for the European project T-Box, an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership in the field of School Education. In Portugal, APLOAD cooperates with Agrupamento de Escolas Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, an important group of Schools in the Municipality of Maia. The European Partnership is also composed by Schools and other Institutions from Spain, Denmark, Poland and Bulgaria. The project is co-ordinated by Know and Can Association, based in Bulgaria. The project is financed by the National Erasmus + Agency of Bulgaria and has the duration of 24 months (Oct / 17 to Sep / 19). It provides for the creation of a "toolbox" for the use of Teachers of School Education in order to support them in the motivation of students in the context of the classroom. The "toolbox" will have a physical version and a digital version, through a mobile app. In addition to its participation in all project implementation work, APLOAD - Evaluation and Social Planning's team is also responsible for coordinating the work in the Portuguese context and for the monitoring and evaluation of the project as a whole (national and international components). To know more details about this project do not hesitate to contact us by email ([email protected]) or follow us on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, ...).

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[November, 2017]

The final event of dissemination of results of the "Better e-Learning for All" project was held on November 17, 2017 in the Auditorium of the University of Minho Institute of Education, Gualtar campus, Braga.

[November, 2016]

APLOAD participated in the 3rd transnational meeting of the Strategic Partnership Better-e ("Better e-Learning for All"), in Athens, Greece, 31st/Oct and 1st/Nov. Representatives of all partners were present (Çukurova University, Firat University, University of Minho, University of Ferrara, Searchlighter, DIAN, MEGIDER). The meeting allowed partners to progress on the main project's outputs, namely, the e-learning platform foreseen for use by NGOs and two experimental e-learning courses to test the platform.

[October 2016]

'SupportAbility' Project, Erasmus+

APLOAD is part of an International Partnership recently approved under Erasmus+ Programme, domain of Vocational Education and Training, aiming to address the gap in resources that currently stops SMEs being full contributors to the aims of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The core aim of the 'SupportAbility' project is to provide resources to ensure that people living with disability can secure long-term employment through SMEs being able to supply the support they require from within the workplace.

The project is focusing the Furniture industry sector. The Partnership is coordinated by BFM Ltd (, United Kingdom, and includes the organizations Searchlighter Services Ltd (, United Kingdom, Sinopspastik Cocuklar Dernegi, Turkey, CETEM - Asociacion Empresarial de Investigation Centro Tecnologico del Mueble y la Madera de la Region de Murcia (, Spain and Profemadera - Asociación de Profesores de Formación Profesional en Madera y Mueble (, Spain.


[October 2015]

'Better e-Learning for All' Project, Erasmus+

APLOAD is part of an International Partnership recently approved under Erasmus+ Programme in the domain of e-Learning applied to the Education of Adults. The Partnership is coordinated by Çukurova University, in Adana, Turkey, and includes other organizations from several countries, namely, Firat University (Eladzig, Turkey), Association Megider (Tarsus, Turkey), Ferrara University (Italy), the companies DIAN (Athens, Greece) and Searchlighter (Bristol, United Kingdom), as well as the University of Minho (Portugal). Additional information, namely about the foreseen outputs to be produced, will be soon provided.


[August 2014]

Structure Plan for Porto Maritime Shore

APLOAD, in a consortium with Biodesign ( and Aqualogus (, is developing a Structure Plan for Porto Maritime Shore. The proposal submitted by this consortium for the development of the Structure Plan was the winner in the international competition launched by the public company for Water Management, Águas do Porto, EM, in 2014.


[November 2013]

'e-Portfolio' Project, Lifelong Learning Programme

APLOAD is part of an International Partnership recently approved under Lifelong Learning Programme for the development of the Project 'e-Portfolio - System as a Source for Employment of Prospective VET Graduates', coordinated by Adana Vocational School of Higher Education, Çukurova University, Turkey. The partnership is composed as well by the organisations Szamalk Post-Secondary Vocational School (Hungary), Sea Teach S.L. (Spain), Firat University (Turkey), AvivaPoland Vocational Training and Human Resources (Poland), Nidge University (Turkey) and Dalya Agency Advertisement (Turkey).