Team Coordinator

Coordinator of Department APLOAD – Evaluation and Social Planning

Co-funder of APLOAD. He was born in Barcelos, Portugal, in 1975. In 1997 he graduated in Sociology and in 2001 he post-graduated in Power and Political Systems, both at University of Évora. He dedicates, since 1997, to Cooperation and Development through Education, Vocational Training, Pedagogy, Strategic Partnership, Social inclusion, and other. He integrates the Direction Board of NGO, where he deeply engaged with the national social, associative and labour realities.

He is experienced in Vocational Training, Project Design, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation. He developed workshops, training and other activities in several European Union countries, in Turkey, Morocco, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Brazil, Sao Tome and Principe,...

He developed Projects, Research and Evaluation Studies in different scopes as: Pedagogy (Alentejo Foundation), Tourism (INE - National Institute of Statistics), Ideologies and Politics (INE), Migration and Minorities  (Terras Dentro, NGO), Education of Disabled People (Fenacerci), Ecology (University of Évora), Women Entrepreneurship (Municipality of S. Miguel, Santiago Island, Cape Verde) and Information and Communication Technologies (Institute Piaget of Portugal and Universities Piaget of Mozambique and of Cape Verde).

He is a Certified Trainer by the Portuguese Certification Agency and permanently updates his skills by engaging into lifelong learning courses and activities.