Structure Plan for Porto's Seafront

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Partners / consortium > Aqualogus / Biodesign / Apload

Owner > Águas do Porto E.M.

International Public Competition (1st place) - 2014

Project concluded in 2015


Intervention area: Oporto's seafront (aprox. 4 Km in extension)

The "Águas do Porto E.M." (public company that regulates the use and management of water and related issues in the city of Oporto) has defined the program for the Structure Plan of Oporto's Seafront, developed by the winning consortium Aqualogus / Biodesign / Apload, seeking to promote the improvement in the quality of the Environment, Urban Planning and Coastal Planning, as well as the quality of the beaches, its water and their surrondings. This is also intended to contribute to achieve the maximum potencial of this area focusing in tourism and leisuze activities.

Urban Planning, connections and accessibilities, traffic and circulation management ( pedestrian, cycling, auto and tram) were some of the topics addressed and developed by APLOAD in the course of this project, with good results.