Better-E: Better e-Learning for All

APLOAD is developing the project 'Better e-Learning for All' ('Better-E'). Better-E is a project funded by Erasmus+ Programme in the scope of Key-Action 2, Strategic Partnerships of Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The project is coordinated by Çukurova University, from Adana, Turkey. Additional partners from Turkey are involved in the project, namely Firat University, from Elazig, and the Non Governmental Organization MEGIDER, from Mersin. The partnership is including as well the University of Ferrara, in Italy and the companies DIAN, from Greece and Searchlighter, from the UK. The Portuguese partners are the University of Minho and APLOAD. The main objective of the project is the promotion of e-Learning near training provider NGOs acting under Education of Adults and targeting 'hard-to-reach' groups. Further information about this project may be found here:


Evaluation of the Local Development Strategy of Terras Dentro (Local Group)

Evaluation of the Local Development Strategy of Terras Dentro (Local Group) in the scope of the National Programme for Rural Development PRODER 2007/2013, Subprogramme 3. Additional informations about this Programme may be obtained in the websites PRODER and Terras Dentro.



We are a partner organization of "e-Portfolio System as a Source for Employment of Prospective VET Graduates". It is a project of transfer of a previously released innovation under Education, Online Education and web-based didactics. The Co-ordination of the "e-Portfolio" Project is under the responsibility of Çukurova University, in Adana, Turkey. Additional partners from Turkey are involved in the Project, the Universities of Firat and Nigde and a media producer company. The Partnership also involves organisations from Spain, Hungary, Poland and our company APLOAD, from Portugal. The Project is co-funded by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation. For additional details please visit:


Hands 4 Future

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project "H4F - Hands 4 Future - Future Stands in Youth Hands", Youth in Action Programme. It is a Development project under Youth issues, coordinated by Terras Dentro - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado (Alcáçovas, Portugal) and participated by organizations from Sofia (Bulgaria), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mindelo (Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde) and Água Grande (Sao Tome and Principe). APLOAD is responsible for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project in those territories and is locally tracking the best practices for further reporting to participants and funders. The H4F Project has a training character and expects significant impacts near the targeted youngsters of the 5 countries and 3 continents involved.

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