How to participate

It is very easy to register for our courses. Our support is available at all time, so do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions.

To register, please choose the course that most fit your training needs, professional aspirations and travelling availability. Fill-in and submit the pre-registration form by following this link - you should carefully supply your contact details in order to enable us to reach you back. Upon submission of your pre-registration form you will receive automatic reply, following which a feedback and full support will be granted by our team.

If you are looking for European funding, you should attempt on the specific deadlines of Erasmus+ in order to assure the indication of Portugal as your mobility destination (preferably you should indicate us as your hosting partner by contacting us and by using our PIC: 949328719), and successfully submit your application (for further details, please consult section How to Get Funded, or send us an email:

In general, you have up to 4 months to register before the course starts. In any given case please be aware of deadlines for registration (provided in the course details).



Invoices will be provided to all participants.



In an eventual case of cancellation of your participation you should inform us immediately.

Cancellation process is detailed in the 'Training Agreement' provided upon Pre-Registration. Fees may apply to cancellation announced after specific deadlines.


Force majeure

In case your late cancellation motifs rely on Force Majeure no cancellation fees will be charged, regardless the cancelation date. Force Majeure motifs require formal information and applicable probatory documents and are, among other: accident causing impeachment, hospitalization or death. Force Majeure motifs will be assessed at an individual basis.


Do not hesitate to forward us any doubt or question you may have:


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